Unfortunately, due to hectic election campaigning shortly after the elections Jadu mia fell sick and after fighting a three day long battle to survive he died at the Post Graduate Hospital on the night of March 12, 1979. Indian and Pakistani doctors were flown in to examine Jadu mia's health condition but to no avail - he had already suffered brain death and was kept artificially alive for three days. A pall of gloom prevailed in the country as people observed three day state mourning. People from all walks of life and from different corners of the country came in to have a last glimpse of their beloved Jadu mia.

Jadu mia was buried with state honor befitting a prime minister, his body carried on a gun carriage pulled by President Zia among others and 31 gun salute was fired and bugle blew as the great man's body was being lowered in the grave. Thus came to an end a life committed to the democratic process, a life dedicated to the people of this country.

The sudden and untimely death of Jadu mia was a tragedy at several levels. It was a personal tragedy for his family, relatives, friends and well wishers. For the nation it represented a loss of a senior politician with proven political and parliamentary capabilities. It was a blow to the BNP, the fledgling political party which he was expected to mould and give a recognizable shape to. It was a larger tragedy for the man himself. He had striven all his life in politics with a measure of indifferent success. But after a colorful career when he stood on the threshold of greater achievements, the tragic end came.

Without Jadu mia the nation is shorn of an adornment and a man of stature, a capable senior leader who made himself heard, his influence felt and above all who could inject a degree of political direction. His death was a great loss to the nation at a time when Jadu mia still held so much promise.



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