As a man whose legendary contributions to the political development and history of Bangladesh are known and acknowledged by many, Mashiur Rahman Jadu mia was an ardent nationalist with left leanings and an urbane politician who played a pivotal role in all the progressive and democratic movements of this country. A sharp and eloquent speaker Jadu Mia was known for his humor and the pungent satire sometimes directed at his political opponents. He could easily hold his audience in rapt attention for hours with his lively deliberations.

Living an active life and always ready witted, with a presence inspiring respect and love, Jadu Mia not only impressed his audiences in political meetings and scored points in exchanges and dialogues with his political opponents but also won everybody's affection and friendship with his candour, cordiality and pleasant personality. His personal attraction was visibly demonstrated by the anxiety and solitude of the thousands who visited him at the hospital, attended his funeral and prayed for the salvation of his soul. He was positively a man of grace and charm.

Mashiur Rahman
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